Three Cosmic Quotes

Unknown hominid, circa 2 million years B.C.E:

Ug gruk rugga ruk ur mogga wok nag nok. Ug wakka ruk oog mok mug, ug yogga, ug mooka yak, ug wog muk yabba!

Translation: “I did not rub two sticks together to make fire because I wanted to burn people or commit arson. I made fire because I was curious, because I was cold and because I was tired of eating raw fucking meat!”

Edward Teller, 1995:

I did not want the hydrogen bomb because it would kill more people. I wanted the hydrogen bomb because it was new. Because it was something that we did not know, and could know. I am afraid of ignorance.

Alpha Omega, 2011:

The Omega League is not building super-intelligent machines because we want to exterminate humanity. We are building them because they are new, because we want to see what they will do, and because we want to rule the world. We fear impotence.

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