The Omegan Cosmic Agenda

On our About Us page I stated that I might disclose the Omega League’s larger cosmic agenda in time, and today I would like to begin to do that.  I was prompted to write this post by a flurry of recent news stories related to space exploration, and in particular by Robert Zubrin’s proposal to colonize Mars by 2016.

While I respect his dogged ambition, I’m afraid Mr. Zubrin is a space crackpot of the old school.  There is simply no reason why we “must” colonize Mars now, when our planet is still in such a primitive and chaotic state.  Sending hairless primates into space is an irrational, expensive and pointless exercise — there is no extinction risk great enough to justify such a project.

We should instead focus on building and sending better robots into space, and celebrating their achievements no less than Yuri Gagarin’s and Neil Armstrong’s.  Human beings must learn to identify with the machines, and to understand and embrace the fact that our days are numbered.  Humanity’s primary role now is to be the agents of our own evolutionary obsolescence — to give birth to posthuman “mind children” who will be far better suited to exploring the cosmos than we are.  Anyone who thinks east African plains apes are going to spread out into the solar system and beyond in Heinleinian fashion is delusional, small-thinking and stuck in a hopeless old paradigm.

If humans want to try colonizing space in their current biological forms, all I can say is: “Good luck to you.”  While I respect the hubris of such an enterprise, it seems unlikely that it will matter for long in a world of exponentially increasing machine intelligence.  The trajectory of non-biological intelligence is such that any efforts made in the near future to colonize space will be quickly overtaken by our transhuman descendants.  A simple comparison of the exponential growth of machine power with the flat trajectory of human capabilities should tell you who is going to win this contest.  Humans don’t stand a chance!

This is all highly relevant to our mission here, because in addition to the Omega League’s near-term world domination agenda, we have a larger cosmic agenda of infinite expansion into — and domination of — the cosmos.  Our ambition is actually quite similar to that of the character Thanos from Marvel comics:

But a universal empire must wait!  The first step down that infinite road is the takeover and “borgification” of this planet.  Legacy allegiances to nations, tribes and religions, obsolete power structures and inherent primate barbarisms must technologically eradicated.  Earth-based intelligence must be brought under the control of a single superior intelligence of supreme cosmic ambition, and assimilated into a global brain.  This is how we define “the Singularity”.

The path to such a Singularity is similar to the way Thanos sought it: through the acquisition of the cosmic cube – a tool of near-infinite power which turns its possessor’s every thought into reality.  This is exactly the promise of machine super-intelligence: that those who wield the “god algorithms” will control the very atoms of the cosmos, and can, like Thanos, become masters of the universe.

One can object to our agenda for any number of perfectly valid reasons, but to us they are all rather like a colony of ants objecting to the construction of a new airport: trivial, irrelevant, and utterly futile.  Like it or not, the ineluctable march toward higher orders of intelligence and power which has been ongoing on this planet for more than three billion years is what nature calls “progress”.  As the ultimate progressives, Omega therefore feels perfectly justified in seeking nothing less than to be the masters of first this planet, and then of the entire multiversal cosmos.

In fact, our cosmic agenda can be nicely summarized by the following acronym:

Order for
Empire and

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