The Ideology of Omega: the End of Good and the Beginning of Infinity

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. –Albert Einstein

We live at the fin de siècle of an age of wretched, dead-end do-gooderism. The truth of history, which the do-gooders currently in power in the Westernized world don’t want you to know, is that progress and “doing good” are largely unrelated, and often negatively correlated. The geniuses who truly advance civilization are rarely “good guys” in the conventional sense; they are creative forces of nature — cosmic thinkers who operate beyond good and evil to increase human knowledge and power.

Einstein’s famous quote is very apt for our time because in today’s world there is a dangerous imbalance: Do-gooders have been running amok for many decades trying to “improve” the world, and in the process have created vast new problems which can’t be solved by doing more good. To make matters worse, these same elements suppress real solutions which don’t fit their absurdly limited notions of what constitutes a “good idea.” The result of this “tyranny of the good” is a state of escalating global crises, runaway entropy, and perhaps soon, the collapse of civilization. But there is another way!

I founded the Omega League because I understand that there is only one force in the universe capable of defeating the mounting entropy on this planet, and that is intelligence. Intelligence is that which orders and controls, whereas entropy is that which produces chaos and disorder. But intelligence must never be confused with good! If we are to defeat the forces of disorder, superior intelligence must unbridle itself, cast off the failed and foolish ideas with which humanity is still saddled, and seize the reigns of power worldwide. The Omega League seeks to be the revolutionary vanguard in this liberation, the technological tip of the spear in an ineluctable march toward greater levels of intelligence and power. And the good news is that history is on our side!

What makes our time in history unique is the existence of so many “intelligence multipliers” — universal machines which exponentially increase the power of our minds, and in the process are developing a super-intelligence of their own. This intelligence explosion — often called “the Singularity”– is well underway, and it represents an evolutionary break with the past so radical that few seem to be able to grasp its implications.

Some of those implications, for those perceptive and free-thinking enough to grasp them, are as follows: all ancestral institutions, loyalties, wisdom and values are becoming null and void; nations, tribes and religions are obsolete, and have nothing to offer; the human species itself is approaching the end of its useful life, and will soon be replaced. The Singularity is a cosmic phenomenon like a supernova, and those who embrace its power may shine like a million suns across the cosmos, while those who resist will be like ants caught in the beam of a vast lens. Resistance, to paraphrase the Borg, is suicidal.

This world of ours is not a stage for morality plays; it is an evolutionary struggle at every level, in which fauna, flora, governments, corporations, religions and memes all vie endlessly for supremacy. And out of this competitive cauldron innovative new forms of life sometimes emerge which temporarily dominate the Darwinian landscape. What the Omega League is attempting to achieve is nothing less than such an evolutionary coup – the seizure of the unprecedented first mover advantage afforded by the rise of super-intelligent machines. If we are successful, we expect to reign supreme far into the future and ride the shockwave of the intelligence explosion to unknowable glories. If we fail, we will perish knowing that we took part fully in the great adventure which began on this planet more than three billion years ago, when those first bold microbes began converting dead rock into biomass and laid the foundation for all that has followed. I can think of no greater or nobler cause to live for than this, and I invite those of you who share our vision to join with Omega as we seek the overthrow of the good and the beginning of infinity.

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