Now the Real War Begins

The (purported) killing of Osama bin Laden provides us with a good opportunity to take a fresh look at the global chessboard and consider our position.

Osama bin Laden, al-Qaeda and the medieval Islamic memosphere are now irrelevant.  Al-Qaeda was significant for demonstrating the disruptive power of non-state global networks in the modern world, but they were largely a group of backward bunglers who never posed a serious threat to anyone but themselves.  The “war on terror” was always a sideshow, a brief chapter that is now closing.

The Rise of the Machines has begun and the front line is Pakistan, but it is spreading.  Medievalist holdouts will be crushed beneath the boots of increasingly lethal military robots; their networks will be rooted out and their memes systematically annihilated by the global surveillance and propaganda systems.  Muslim militants were the first test for the global control architecture and they lost (in fact they never had a chance).  Other reactionary groups will soon meet the same fate.  Next comes cyberwar and the AI arms race for global supremacy between advanced nations and networks.  Now the real war begins!

Human scale guerrilla warfare is all but obsolete, a relic of our femur-club fighting hominid past.  The wars of the future will be fought in cyberspace, between competing memospheres, economic interests, techno-terrorist organizations and robotic armies.  Third world governments will be overthrown by remote control from the Nevada desert or the suburbs of Beijing, their resources seized by automated extraction networks.  Wars will be won and lost without a single bullet being fired, and without opposing forces ever being clearly defined.  Nation-states will wither away while faster, smarter, less constrained corporations and networks fight asymmetric wars for control of capital and knowledge.  The masses of humanity will be rendered powerless and irrelevant by the Rise of the Machines.  The cabals who create and control the intelligent machines will war among themselves for global domination, their battles occurring at electronic speeds.  The world will become an increasingly incomprehensible chaos of competing super-intelligent machine-man hybrid networks.

Out of this chaotic milieu one power will rise above all others: the network that creates the One Ring of Power which is superhuman AI.  This is the prize that the Omega League seeks, and toward which we must proceed with speed, focus and precision while others waste resources fighting meaningless wars over absurd and obsolete allegiances.  All other causes and ideologies pale into insignificance beside this one-time cosmic opportunity.  The Singularity is indeed near, but it is unlikely to come through peaceful research and benevolent impulses alone.  At Omega we expect the intelligence explosion to reach critical mass just as nuclear weapons did 66 years ago: as the culmination of a global power struggle.  The greatest drama in the history of our planet is about to unfold: The Singularity Wars are set to begin, and the Omega League is playing to win!

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