Brain-Builder Resources

Here are some neuro-computing projects and people that Omega members should familiarize themselves with.  These videos will give you an overview of some of the competing efforts to our Omega Brain project. 

Dharmendra Modha describes IBM's research in whole brain emulation and their plans to simulate the brain by 2018:

Jeff Hawkins discusses his Numenta project and the Hierarchical Temporal Memory architecture:

Henry Markram’s “Blue Brain” project is an attempt to reverse engineer the mammalian brain, and is a stepping-stone toward the proposed Human Brain Project. While Markram emphasizes the all the wonderful ways such technology will benefit society, he conspicuously fails to mention that simulated brains will open a Pandora’s box of superweapons, systems of control and wholesale human obsolescence previously imagined only in science fiction. Why are these brilliant scientists such naive fools?