Artificial Intelligence

The key to dominating the world of the future will be the ability to harness the ever-increasing power of machine intelligence. Omega members must therefore keep abreast of the state of the art in both practical and theoretical AI.

An outstanding talk by Neil Jacobstein which gives a nice overview of current applications of AI in industry.

An excerpt from a very interesting talk about the increasing power of AI bots in the modern world (the full talk is here):

AI researcher Steve Omohundro discusses the perils and promise of self-improving AI:

Doug Lenat is one of the AI industry heavyweights, and his Cyc project is the most ambitious attempt yet to build general machine intelligence.

Itamar Arel claims that Artificial General Intelligence is only ten years away, and is mostly an engineering problem. This may not sound plausible to many people, but neither would Enrico Fermi if in 1935 he had said the same thing about nuclear weapons which can annihilate cities!

Like a modern-day Gollum, AI researcher Ben Goertzel is a relentless seeker after the One Ring of Power which is AGI. Behind his rather innocuous demeanor lurks a powerful cosmic mind — one which I believe is only a “bad trip” away from joining the Omega League!

Shane Legg is a name to watch in the AI field, and the kind of young talent the League would like to recruit.